Need to know: Terms and Conditions

Need to know: Terms and Conditions

For any business which sells goods or services, strong Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are vital.  T&Cs are a contract between a business and a customer and set out how they will browse a website, make purchases or use the service being offered.  This in turn provides a business with legal protection.  It is therefore really important that the T&Cs are tailored to fit a specific business and updated regularly.  It might cost more initially but in the longer term a business could save money if a commercial lawyer drafts the T&Cs.

What should be included in T&Cs?

There are no rules setting out what should be included in T&Cs but they should generally cover the following:

  • Define the contract between the business and customer e.g. terms of sale including when payment should be made for the goods/service and any interest due on payments not made by the specified time.
  • Set out business procedures e.g. shipping and delivery.
  • Intellectual property clause – online businesses are more vulnerable to intellectual property theft but for all businesses a clause protecting intellectual property is important.
  • Limit liability for when things don’t go to plan – product losses, damages or failure to provide a service within the specified time frame.
  • Space for the customer to sign and acknowledge his agreement/button to click online.

T&Cs should have to be accepted before any online purchase can be made or on the back of every quote, invoice or purchase order.  If a new customer account is being set up a client should sign and return a copy of the T&Cs first.  T&Cs should also be set out in an easy to read and easy to understand format.  Online businesses should have a list of terms and conditions on the website that are clearly visible or agreed to by the click of a button.

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