About us

In 2021 we identified a need to help growing businesses find the right lawyer and legal advice for them. That's why we launched Ravenna. 
Created by a group of lawyers with practical, on-the-job experience, we know the challenges growing businesses face and we’ve researched the UK’s law firms. We combine all of this to offer a free half hour consultation (by phone or online) designed to help your business find the right lawyer - but Ravenna isn’t a law firm so we won’t give you any legal advice. We'll leave that to them, once we've helped you find them.
We work with any businesses needing help with business law. Our advisors include lawyers and business advisors, all with many years of experience. This means we can not only suggest the right lawyers for your business, but also provide advice on the type of legal service that you need. This might include anything from commercial contracts and terms of business through to corporate matters such as buying and selling a business, investment, finance and franchising, as well as commercial property, business disputes and employment law advice.

Central to our approach is our impartiality. Ravenna was developed by Russell-Cooke LLP to promote better access to legal services for businesses. We are set up to give impartial advice. Where our advisors consider Russell-Cooke suitable for a particular legal need it will be offered but only as one of a number of choices. You can read more about how we work with Russell-Cooke in our terms of business. 

Our ethos

We think a good choice of business lawyer requires expertise. It requires an understanding of the best ways to compare lawyers. It also requires experience in what success looks like - in different types of business and at different stages of their development.
We consider the bigger picture. We take a ‘whole market’ view, taking into account not only what you need now but your ongoing requirements and the different ways this can be supported. The Ravenna approach is to reduce your stress and make things easier, both to understand and to action. 
And we’re on your side. We’re committed to helping you get the legal support you need in the way you need it.  We take that objective personally, working hard to provide the best recommendations so you can find the best lawyers for your business.